Rapid Prototyping

If you need help with CAD , whether it be converting from 2D to 3D or turning a sketch into a virtual 3D model, we are here to assist. We've got a number of engineers here to help you get your model prepared.

We design with 3D Printing in mind, which means that you will never need to perform any costly alterations before print.



If you've already got a CAD model that you would like 3D printed but don't have the resources to correct those inverted normals or close those open faces then we can help correct that .stl file of yours.

We use the latest .stl correction software and with prices starting at €25 depending on complexness of model, you could be saving both time and money handing over the job to us.

We offer form, fit and functional Prototypes so as to validate your designs. Having a Prototype to display eliminates any communication errors that may occur between design and manufacturing.





 Upload your 3D Design and see your model's price. It’s that easy.

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