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No matter how much or how little your life depends on 3D Designs, BuildBytes can help you reach that extra mile further!

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STL Correction

When your model is not set up correctly for 3D Printing, we can help you fix it. Just ask our expert team to do so when uploading your model through our UPLOADER. If we find out that your model is not ready to be 3D Printed when feeding it to the 3d printer, we will ask you to correct it and re-upload it or to use our service.


Face 3D Scanning

You can have your face 3D Scanned for later use in 3D Printing through our 3d printers. We generate your face 3d model using the latest CG programs and give you the ability to be 3d printed on merely anything (from a mug of beer to a jewelry box).


3D Modeling

Do you need a 3d model generated out of your design blueprints and have no or little skills with computers? We can help you build your ideas and breathe life into your creativity!



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