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Is it a remote control helicopter part or a dial for your vintage controller that you cannot find a replacement for?


Custom Parts

Why not ask us, we will do all the hard bit for you, all we need is either a few dimensions, a photo or a similar part and we can model and print it for you both quickly and accurately.

Parts that are difficult or impossible to make by conventional subtractive methods can be produced by Additive Fabrication but there are still a few limitations to what can be 3D Printed and these include overall physical size, wall thickness and the ability to convert your digital designs to a format recognisable by our software. These will be discussed in more detail over phone/email/skype/live chat.

Custom Tools

The material that you choose determines the process used to produce your physical model. Some 3d printers can only produce monochrome materials and others can print in full colour. If you'd like more information on our material choices and the advantages of each one of them please consult our UPLOADER page. As BuildBytes develops further we will be adding new technology and materials to our inventory, so keep an eye on our BLOG to keep up to date with the latest news.

  • Custom 3D Printed Bike Parts


  • Custom 3D Printed Toy Parts


  • Custom Steering Handles


  • Custom 3D Printed Caps


  • Custom 3D Printed Machine Parts


  • Custom 3D Printed Brake Disks


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