3D Scanning

A 3D Scanner is a device that analyzes a real-world object or environment to gather data on its form and/or its appearance (i.e. color). The collected information will then be processed to construct digital, three- dimensional models helpful for a large number of applications. These devices are used extensively by BuildBytes, providing services in Prototyping, prosthetics and orthotics, reverse engineering and industrial design, quality inspection and digitization of cultural artifacts.








3D Scanner

3D Laser Scanning is the technology that allows us to capture geometrical data of a object, which may be later used to reconstruct a digital 3d-model.




Laser Scanning

3D Scanning may be helpful to many applications such as:


  •      Industrial design
  •      Museum artifacts leasing
  •      Ancient statues preservation
  •      Prototyping
  •      Medical
  •      Reverse engineering
  •      Quality control
  •      Housing industry
  •      Civil engineering
  •      3D recording of historical sites
  •      Forensic Documentation
  •      Material processing
  •      Material production
  •      and many more...



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