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The correct technical term for 3D Printing is Additive Manufacturing. However, the general public nearly solely uses the term 3D Printing.

3D Printing is a technology that allows us to quickly manufacture a physical (three-dimensional) model directly from a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) system. The physical model is created, without the employment of tools, by adding material layer-by-layer in a totally machine-driven process.

3D Printer is a robotic machine that turns three-dimensional digital models into actual physical objects that may be used for prototypes, tooling parts, TV/film special FX, ornamental things, and even finished production components. First, computer code is employed to slice the 3D model into layers, and then the model is laid layer by layer on a 3D printer.




Because every object is built up uniquely, 3D Printing is the choice for individuals and corporations who wish to create distinctive and customized objects, or little series of objects. In contrast, different processes, like injection molding are better solely at creating thousands or millions of copies of one thing cheaply.

There are many different processes that go under the 3D printing umbrella, however all of them work on identical fundamentals of converting a 3D digital model into skinny cross sections and depositing material on top of each of those cross sections to create a three-dimensional object. This is usually called Additive Fabrication or AF.

Here are the main benefits of 3D Printing over older manufacturing processes:

  • Speed: 3D Printing will cut back the production time of a prototype part from weeks right down to few hours.
  • Cost: Low price of materials employed in this technology ends up in important reduction of the total cost of a prototype part compared to older ways of manufacturing.
  • Versatility: More materials may be utilised to fulfill the necessities of a wide range of applications.




A few reasons to use BuildBytes

Our always helpful customer service team, standing by to examine and repair your 3d models to ensure a successful print.

Assembly services for more sophisticated designs and if required, we can provide you with engineering advice as well.




3D Printer

Here at BuildBytes we specialize in our 3D Printing bureau service. With accuracies of 0.17mm (less than a 3rd of the thickness of a human hair), our models aren't only extremely accurate, they're also both reasonably priced and fast to produce. We are able to print models in solid multi colored plastic, and can guide you through any step of the process.

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